Getting Started Crypto Alpha Program
Cryptocurrency Course for Beginners 
Our Getting Started Alpha Program is the most comprehensive yet easy to learn video crypto program available online. Our Crypto Training Course will prepare you for our more advanced Alpha Programs where you learn how to change your financial future with trading, investing, defi and all things crypto! Start now and Learn about cryptocurrency and more.
Best way to Learn About Cryptocurrency 
Cryptocurrency Trading Course - Video Modules:
  • ​Crypto Adoption - Acceptance, Needs and Global Change
  • ​Blockchain Tech Deep Dive
  • ​Crypto Tech Deep Dive
  • ​POW - Proof of Work
  • ​POS - Proof of Stake
  • ​Double Spending
  • ​Crypto Mining
  • ​ICO's - Initial Coin Offerings
  • ​Smart Contracts
  • ​Distributed Ledger Tech
  • ​Hard Forks
  • ​Soft Forks
  • ​Different types of blockchain technologies
  • ​Top Exchanges and Opening Accounts
  • ​Public Keys
  • ​Private Keys
  • ​Wallets & Storage
  • ​Cold Storage - Hardware Wallets - Ledger, Trezor
  • ​Hot Storage - Browser Wallets - MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Phantom, Coinbase
  • ​Security, 2FA, Mistakes, Keys, Human Error, Password Managers
  • ​BTC - What is Bitcoin (Past, Present, Future)
  • ​ETH - What Is Ethereum (Past, Present, Future)
  • ​How To Buy Crypto On Exchanges
  • ​Stablecoins (USDT, USDC + Others)
  • ​Altcoins & Other Crypto Assets
  • ​BTC Halving / Stock to Flow Ratio
  • ​Using Social Media for Crypto
  • ​Vetting A Token for Trading & Investing (Advanced)
  • ​Links, Research, Apps, Tools
Once you have completed this comprehensive yet necessary Cryptocurrency Course, you will now be ready to advance into our trading and defi alpha programs!
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