Trading/Investing - Alpha Program
Are you tired of hearing how traders are raking in profits from the crypto markets but you're stuck in your job, or you don't have time to sit in front of the computer scanning for setups. Let me guess, one of your buddies just got into a trade and it's 10X'ed and you're literally like WTF!!! Why is that not happening to me?

Don't worry, we get it…
This is your chance & and an opportunity to take your dreams of becoming a highly successful crypto trader & investor and finally reach your goals. No BS, No Snakeoil, just real traders crushing the markets! The best part is, you don't have to change your life, give up your job or even become glued to the screens.  

The CryptoStreet Trading Alpha Team will fix this for you once and for all! Not only will we teach you our strategies, we will trade them in front of you and also send you trade alerts with new opportunities daily/weekly so you can live your life on your terms.  

Some of you will want to learn how to trade our strategies, watch our videos and join our live classes, while others may simply want to have our trade alerts sent to you so you can simply follow our trade calls….either way, you get the best of both worlds!

1st let's break down the world's most comprehensive crypto trading program online…
Alpha Video Trading Course Outline:
Module 1 - Getting Started As A Crypto Trader/Investor
  • ​Getting Started As A Trader or Investor
  • ​Trading for an income
  • ​Understanding Trading Strategies
  • ​5 Pillars to investing vs trading
  • ​Getting Ready To Trade Cryptos
  • ​TradingView Deep Dive (Main Charting Platform for Cryptos)
  • ​Brokers & Platforms
  • ​Order Windows & Ordertypes
  • ​Charting Platform Layout (Tradingview)
  • ​Charting & Order Execution
Module 2 - Charting, Platforms & Indicators
  • ​Charting - Timeframes & Trading Styles
  • ​Charting - VWAP & Averages
  • ​Charting - Volume A&D
  • ​Charting - CandleSticks
  • ​Charting - Chart Patterns
  • ​Charting - TrendLines
  • ​Charting - Daily Charts
  • ​Charting - Volume On Patterns
  • ​Charting - BRN's - Pyschological Locations
  • ​Charting - Pockets & Traps
  • ​Charting - Market Structures
  • ​Charting - Wave Theory
  • ​Charting - Wave Theory & 4 Wave Rotations
  • ​Charting - Price Rotations
  • ​Charting - Support & Resistance
  • ​Profiles - VP & MP Foundation
  • ​Profiles - Profile Patterns
  • ​Profiles - HVN and LVN
  • ​Profiles - Platform Profiles vs Add-Ons
  • ​Supply & Demand - SD Overview
  • ​Supply & Demand - SD Zone Mechanics
  • ​Momentum Oscilators
Module 3 - Trading Prep 
  • ​Large Cap Coins vs Small Cap Coins
  • ​Leverage & Margin
  • ​Building Watchlists - Coin Rankings
Module 4 - Crypto Derivatives
  • ​Crypto Derivatives - Using Leverage
  • ​Advanced Crypto Derivatives
  • ​Perpetual Swaps - Deeper Look At Crypto Futures
  • ​Building Perp Watchlists 
Module 5 - Risk Mgmt, Money Mgmt, Trade Mgmt
  • ​Risk Reward - RR, Expectancy
  • ​Money Mgmt & Sizing - Position Sizing
  • ​Trade Mgmt - Stops, Targets and Risk 
Module 6 - Strategy Prep
  • ​Main Strategy Framework
  • ​HTF & STF Strategies
  • ​Trend & Reversal Trading
  • ​Market Correlation (Coins vs BTC or ETH)
  • ​MTF Aligntment
  • ​Trade Plan Outline 
Module 7 - CSA Core Trading Strategies & Signals
  • ​Trade Setups & Strategy Layouts (In TradingView)
  • ​Scanning, Strong/Weak List & Alerts 
Module 8 - Trader Development & Psychology
  • ​Forward Thinking
  • ​Creating A Needs Assessment
  • ​SMART Goals & Why
  • ​Trader Psychology 
  • ​Discipline & Beliefs
  • ​Defining Purpose - Your Why
  • ​Creating A Trade Plan
  • ​Skill Development
  • ​Trade Journaling & KPI's
  • ​Cognitive Trader Training 
Alpha Trading Classes - Live Trading Workshops 

In addition to our online video program, we will also host weekly live trading classes where we scan for trades, teach our strategies and send out trade alerts to our Alpha Only trading group. This is not your typical classroom, this will be tough by industry pros with over decades of trading experience working in family offices and prop firms. 

Alpha Crypto Alerts - Done For You Trades!

Our Alpha Alerts is a hands off trading service that takes the guesswork out of where to trade. We publish and manage coverage on crypto assets in our Alpha Trading Discord Group so you can live your life, and become a winning trader!

You can choose to follow our coverage of only the best trades picked by our top leading instructors. We not only cover good trades and why we're initiating coverage on them, we also explain the trade mgmt so you understand how our instructors are covering full trade management.  
The best part here is you can choose whether you want to take the trades or not based on your own risk tolerance. Essentially it's like having top traders empower you to learn how without the fear of doing it all by yourself!

Sound like the Alpha Trading/Investing Program Is For You?
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