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CSA is a Crypto Academy that teaches you how to:
  • Learning about cryptocurrency & blockchain tech without having to be a rocket scientist. (Newbie Friendly)
  • ​Trade/Invest In crypto with proven strategies backed with track records that produce 10-100X gains in short periods of time,(taught by ex-fund & prop traders)
  • ​Master DeFi with us! Our course covers DeFi basics, advanced Yield Farming, portfolio management, and cross-chain moves.
The Cryptocurrency Academy that will take your knowledge to the NEXT LEVEL
The CSA Mastermind is a program where top investors and traders go to get educated. Not to mention, everywhere else is literally too complicated and not built for new to intermediate investors. 

If you're looking for experienced Crypto and Defi traders/investors to help you every step of the way then you're in the right place.

At CSA, we've assembled specialized alpha coaching teams, ready to guide you through the intricacies of the DeFi world and provide screen sharing support whenever you require assistance.
If you don't know what alpha is…..YOU NEED TO LEARN FAST!!!

“ALPHA” - is what all savvy traders & investors want. It means they are able to get into trades or investments early or before the herd!
Getting Started Alpha Program
If you're new to crypto or blockchain tech, this is where you belong. With information overload online, it's impossible to know where to start and how to sort through the noise. Not to mention, the crypto landscape changes faster than any other industry to date so it's imperative that you learn the key topics before diving in.
Trading/Investing Alpha Program
Learning how to pick winning trades or time the market like a professional is not an easy task, even for the most experienced traders and investors. We understand this all too well and have put together a turn key solution with strategies in this in-depth course! Gone are the days where you are left on the side lines while others reap 10X gains!
Defi & YieldFarming Alpha Program
What if we told you there's a new kid in town and he's here to stay. That's right, traditional yield and passive income is a thing of the past. No more middle man, no more sub par returns, no more wishful thinking with long lost hopes of making it! We will teach you ins and outs of decentralized finance so you can re-write your financial ship.

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Real People... We never hide who we are!

Sean Kozak

CEO & President

Ashley Kozak

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Geoff Zimmerman

Product & Development Manager

Bensen Richter

Tech Support Lead

Jim Simmons

Sales & Business Development Manager

Marco Gutierrez

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Cristy Polutnik

Affiliate & B2B Partnership Manager

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Felipe Cuevas
I just want to express how happy and grateful me and my wife are with the projects you present to us through Crypto Street Academy. We have been investing for 3 months now and we are up to 28.2% in gains. This is a life changer experience, my wife lost her job a few months before we started investing, but as we realise that we could make more money on passive income than the money that she was making, she can now stay at home and enjoy every moment with our kids. Thanks again Sean and the entire team, thank you for dedicating yourself to other people's success. Just let me know when there is a new project on the horizon so we can engage on those new opportunities too.
Mikhael Bittan
I have just recently retired and was looking for low maintenance way to supplement my SSA income. When I was first introduced to Crypto Street Academy and Crypto, I was very suspicious but I thought to myself maybe this is the break I was looking for. No venture no gain, since I joined Crypto Street Academy. I have learned a lot about crypto and passive income. They have a library full of video classes which are very informative and easy to watch, each video is about 5 minutes. There is video that shows you exactly how to open account/Exchange anything you need to do in this space and if you need extra help, they are very good in helping you and even will hold your hand if needed.

After opening account and funding it, all I do is seeing my account grows every week. Now, I can't wait for Saturday's morning to login to my account and see my weekly payment.

I would definitely Recommend CSA to anyone who is interested in passive income.
The Worlds #1 Gold Standard For Crypto Alpha 
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